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me! me!

Name: Kielke Chiba

Age: ?

Gender: female

Race: Hylian, but there are rumors that some of her ancestors were Sheikah.

Special ability: strong magic capabilities, intense psychic powers.

Appearance: Blue eyes, bluish-black hair that comes down to her waist. Dresses in strange collaborations of clothing from North, South, East, and West. Carries a staff with a magic stone embedded in the end.

Inventory: her magic staff, vast amounts of talismans that assist her in casting spells, small dagger at her side.

History: Not known is much about this strange arrival; it seems that she comes from everywhere and nowhere. She is believed to be ageless, but many have inflicted wounds on her and say she bleeds. She can indeed be killed, but only one person knows her secrets, and he's not telling...Link. With the assistance of her powerful magic and psychic powers, she has killed many before her appearance in Hyrule. She is very intent on finding the Eighth Sage of the quest for herself, possibly to harness the Sage's power as her own...

This is a good example of a bio for my roleplay! Anyway, here's my e-mail: